Importance of Office Partitions

Unlike before, today, most organizations tend to prefer open office spaces compared o the traditional office partitions. In open-office plans, employees sit side-by-side in one office. Instead of being assigned an office, they are assigned desks from which they work. This kind of arrangement has gained popularity as it encourages teamwork within an organization. However, it has been blamed for being insensitive to employees’ feelings.

Why it is important to partition offices for employees

For most organizations, the open-plan is essential in promoting productivity among the employees. It is also a necessary step in minimizing overhead costs associated with partitioning offices. There are also indications that, in some instances, this approach fails to meet the desired effects. Why would an open-plan office derail performance despite the close association among employees? This technique is used for patio covers in Sacramento and other cities in the USA. This is the most popular method for all glass and sunroom technicians in 2020.

Privacy – Virtually everyone needs privacy. However, this does not mean that an organization must avail rooms surrounded by complete concrete doors. The baseline is that no employee enjoys being monitored round the clock. For better productivity, employees need some privacy to perform their duties effectively. Privacy enhances concentration, unlike in the open offices where employees are easily destructed. This helps in getting the best output.  

Noise – For most employees working in open-plan offices, there is always constant noise emanating from all directions. This can be from ringing phones of other employees, music, conversations, and even printers. These are not possible to escape by any chance. When employees operate from individual offices, they wok from more quiet spaces. 

There is a need for meeting rooms – it is never easy conducting meetings in open-plan offices. The noise emanating from other employees using the room is a hindrance to productive deliberations in the meeting. However, when there are office partitions, it becomes easier to conduct meetings as there is less interference. In partitioned offices, there is always provision for board rooms. 

Health – When employees work in open spaces, there is the likelihood of more infections from one employee to the other, especially for airborne diseases. This increases the number of sick days among employees resulting in more off days. This impacts negatively on productivity for the organization. This can be solved by partitioning offices for employees. This will also increase employee satisfaction. 

Flexibility – With a partitioned office, you can rest assured of productivity. The workers are likely to be motivated and feel more honored and appreciated — all companies in the contemporary world desire to increase their productivity and to keep the overhead low. The most appropriate method to achieve this is to meet employee needs through partitioning of offices.   Although organizations view open-offices as one of the best ways of enhancing productivity, this is not the case. The employees will be less happy and unproductive. Construction of concrete cubicles might also not be the best way out. Organizations are today encouraged to adopt modular wall partitions instead. This helps in striking a balance between openness and privacy. Adopt this today, and your organization will be able to scale profitability heights owing to improved productivity.

Glass Partition Walls Systems

Glass Partition Walls Systems

Glass partition walls Architectural work offers various types of glass interior walls that enable the functional separation of interiors. The glass partition walls are designed for arranging office buildings, public utility buildings or shopping malls.  The system of Aluminium glass partition walls or you home 4 seasons sunroom‌‌  These are light but durable constructions in which the bearing element can be a tempered aluminum glass. The product gives the possibility to create partition walls fixed, equipped with clearly marked swinging or swinging doors. If it is necessary to change the arrangement of the interior, the wall system can be easily dismantled and reinstalled, for example from a different angle.  The system of internal frameless glass walls  It is a system of glass partition walls for spaces that require greater acoustic insulation.

The system consists of two-pane walls, in which you can use a filling made of furniture boards or plasterboards. The depth and design of the system allow you to place the blinds between the panes, which additionally enables the insulation of the rooms. In addition, the solution provides the ability to run the installation inside the wall, the installation of electrical sockets and connections with a wall thickness of 75 mm. The angle of the wall refraction in this system can range from 90 to 180º – this allows you to shape the building in any way up to a maximum height of 5.5 meters.  Custom partition  It is a system of glass interior walls for fire protection. It allows the construction of internal partitions without visible vertical profiles separating individual wall modules and is distinguished by very good fire resistance.

This is possible thanks to the filling in the form of fire-retardant intumescent material and non-flammable silicone in the gap between the glass panes, which is only 4 mm. The system enables the design of baffles up to a height of 3.6 m and a width of 1.8 m.  MB-EXPO and MB-EXPO MOBILE wall systems with glass doors The load-bearing element in the construction of these systems is the tempered glass, fixed in the clamping profiles. The first system allows the construction of walls up to 4 m high and the width of the door wings 140 cm. In the case of the second solution, the maximum height of the door panels can also be 4 m, while the width of up to one and a half meters. As part of both solutions, it is possible to use 8, 10 and 12 mm thick tempered glass.     Additionally, MB-EXPO allows you to finish the surface of aluminum decorative profiles on both sides of the building (so-called bicolor). The systems also give the opportunity to easily reorganize the rooms and divide the interior in a new way. As a result, it will be possible to construct solid walls, fully-glazed swing and swing doors, as well as segments of parked and folding doors.  Glass sliding walls or  Glass Railing systems sliding walls are very hot and wanted these days. With a glass sliding wall, you give your interior space a stylish and luxurious look. A standard custom-made glass sliding wall is available to complete with luxury fittings and sliding rail system from A brands! Why glass sliding walls? Sliding walls offer a great opportunity to add an extra dimension to an interior. If you would like more light in the home than glass sliding walls certainly offer a solution.

They not only provide more light but also a spatial effect. There will not be a day that daylight will be lost thanks to the natural appearance of sliding walls. Benefits of glass sliding walls Shutters are also a nice system to separate living space and save space. A beautiful separation between spaces as living room and kitchen, a beautiful room and suite or access to the bathroom, everything is possible. A sliding wall is not only beautiful but also very practical. A single sliding wall is particularly suitable for smaller rooms. And Retractable roofs‌‌ It gives you more possibilities with the furnishing of your house, each with their own purpose and atmosphere!

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Glass Railings

We are specialized in design of custom Toughened Glass Railings for Staircases, Balconies, Terraces, Double height Floor with Customized Designs as per site situation. We have developed an exclusive railing system to choose from glasses fitted on side of staircase, or Top fitted glasses with glass bottom fixtures for Balconies. The top railing pipe may be round for staircase railings and rectangular or square pipes in case of Balcony & Floor railings.

Stainless Steel Staircase

We offer complete solution for design & installation of Stainless Steel Staircase Frame with treads made of natural stone, Teak Wood or Toughened Glass as per clients’ choice. The staircases are very attractive & modern in look and very strong and durable.

Balustrade Railings

We have developed a wide range of Balustrade Railing Designs made of Stainless Steel in combination with Teak Wood, Glass and Cable to suit your style. The balustrades shall be fitted to top or side of the stairs or floor as per design & requirements of client. The balustrade railings can be decorated by providing glass or wooden panels between two balustrades.